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The shell tower in brief


In order to cope with the challenge to produce higher wind turbine towers not limited by transport restriction Andresen Towers have developed a patented new type of tower – the steel shell tower.


The basic concept of this tower is a tower with a thinner material thickness and larger diameter than the prevalent towers on the market. The larger diameter permits a higher tower, and the reduced material thickness makes it possible to produce the tower from cheaper steel coils instead of traditional steel plates. The tower is produced from material in yield strength up to 500 N/mm2 and is bolted together with tension-controlled bolts (TC-bolts). By combining high strength steel and larger diameter tower it is possible to reduce the total steel tonnage per tower relatively. There is no need for welding in the tower shell structure and hereby the long-term problems with fatigue and cracks in weldings are avoided.


The tower shells will be manufactured on automatic machinery in order to comply with and secure the narrow tolerances and high quality required.


The tower is bolted together on site, which makes the solution easily transportable on standard trailers or in 45’’ containers, thus no need for expensive special transport means.


Andresen Towers have concluded an agreement with Siemens Wind Power through whom the new tower concept will be sold.